Claudio Weber

Claudio Weber - About

Claudio Weber started his career in creative agencies and deepened his early grown passion and distinct visual language in photography during his time as a creative director for a popular German fashion brand. With the knowledge from this journey, he understands brands, their evolution and the necessity of reinventing while staying true to the core values.


Putting this at the center of his creative thinking makes his work true to brand by all means at all times. His vibrant aesthetics are marked by a clear sense of presence and spontaneity with an ability to capture intimacy and feelings of connection with his vis-à-vis. Always trying to create a timeless approach to state-of-the-art imagery.


Throughout the creative process, Claudio ensures that everyone feels included and is working as part of a team, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere on every production.


No I but we. No me but us.