Johannes Graf

Johanes Graf - About

Johannes is Munich based photographer who specializes in fashion, sports and still life photography. He is not only an experienced and talented photographer, but also a passionate father of two sons.

Johannes describes his photographic work and creative approach through a list of words that are particularly dear to him and that he tries to capture in his photographs. These words include: 


• Movement: He looks for dynamic moments and movement in his images to portray liveliness and energy. 

• Simplicity: Johannes values clear and simple compositions that highlight the essence of the subject. 

• Honesty: Authenticity and unadulterated emotions are important to him in order to tell real stories. 

• Vision: His work is characterized by a clear imagination and creative vision that makes his photographs unique. 

• Dynamics: By using movement and energy he creates lively and powerful images. 

• Silence: He also captures quiet, contemplative moments that convey a deep calm and serenity. 

• Idea and concept: Johannes develops well-thought-out concepts and ideas for his photos to convey deeper meanings. 

• Freedom: In his pictures he depicts the feeling of freedom and independence

• Shadows: The targeted use of shadows gives his pictures depth and contrast. 

• Humbleness He appreciates the beauty in simplicity and unobtrusive elegance. 

• Natural colors: The color scheme in his photos is often characterized by natural, harmonious tones. 

• Black and white: He uses the classic aesthetics of black and white photography to create timeless and powerful images. 

• Light: The conscious use of light is central to his work to create atmosphere and mood. 

• Paths: He discovers and shows different paths and perspectives in his photographs. 

• Humans: The human aspect and people's stories are often the focus of his work. 

• Love: He tries to express love and affection in his images. 

• Melody: His images have a harmonious composition 

• Power: Johannes' photographs exude strength and intensity. 

• Stories: He tells stories through his images that make the viewer think. 

• Something to think about: His work is thought-provoking and invites the viewer to delve deeper into the images. 

• Something to feel: Johannes' images are emotional and touch the viewer's senses. 


Through this variety of concepts and emotions in his photography, Johannes creates works that are not only visually appealing but also profound and meaningful.